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How Much Does Land Clearing Cost Per Acre?

Land clearing usually costs between $990.00 to $5,300.00 per acre. This covers the cost of removing moderate amount of vegetation.

The cost of land clearing will vary based on how many trees and plants need to be removed from the property. Keep reading to learn more about other factors that may affect the cost.
Updated: 01/21/2020
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Estimated Land Clearing Costs Per Acre
Boise, ID$1,212.00 - $2,474.50 per acre
Denver, CO$1,228.80 - $2,508.80 per acre
Indianapolis, IN$1,046.40 - $2,136.40 per acre
Little Rock, AR$1,158.00 - $2,364.25 per acre
Los Angeles, CA$1,639.20 - $3,346.70 per acre
Louisville, KY$1,052.40 - $2,148.65 per acre
Lowell, MA$1,540.80 - $3,145.80 per acre
McLean, VA$1,778.40 - $3,630.90 per acre
Minneapolis, MN$1,332.00 - $2,719.50 per acre
Sacramento, CA$1,394.40 - $2,846.90 per acre
Syracuse, NY$1,218.00 - $2,486.75 per acre
Tampa, FL$1,108.80 - $2,263.80 per acre
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Factors that may impact the price of land clearing:

1. Number and size of trees

If your lot has many trees (especially large, mature trees), expect to pay a much higher price for land clearing. Taking down large trees is time-consuming and hard work.

If you have just a few trees to remove, a contractor may decide to price them out individually in the price quote. You’ll want to make sure they include stump removal as part of the job, too.

If you do have mature hardwood trees, you can try to ask local firewood companies if they will come pick up the wood for free. Otherwise, wood removal can be another added cost.

If you lot has no trees at all, you’re in luck! The cost of land clearing is much lower if you are just clearing low brush and plants from the lot.

2. Slope of the land

The slope of the lot can sometimes affect the price of land clearing because hills make taking down trees more challenging. It's more difficult to use big machinery on hilly terrain.

If you are clearing the land in order to build a house, the soil may need some additional preparation before you can begin construction. Soil grading is going to be considered an add-on service, which will cost extra.

3. Existing buildings on the property

The land clearing rates listed above do not include any demolition work. Demolishing any existing buildings or structures on the lot will cost extra. Demo work will be priced out separately and may need to be completed by a different contractor than the one who clears your land.

Read more about the cost to demolish a house here.

4. Size of your lot

Many land clearing contractors will provide a quote based on the amount of land you have. For example, you will agree to pay a set fee per acre of land cleared. Other contractors may provide an estimate based on the amount of hours they believe it will take to complete the job.

5. Location

Where is you live is another factor that commonly affects the price to clear land. What are labor costs like in your area? Be sure to get multiple estimates in order to understand whether a price quote is competitive.

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